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Build Your Own PBX System and Save Thousands of Dollars

Use the same process and technology currently hosting 1,000’s of PBX Systems. With DIY PBX you can get your own cloud VoIP PBX system for a fraction of what it costs to normally buy a cloud, virtual or VoIP PBX. Whether you are looking for a PBX for your business or to resell to your customers, DIY PBX can save you money!

Cloud PBX

Leverage the flexibility and cost savings that come with using a robust Cloud PBX system.

Virtual PBX

Simple and straightforward steps help you build an easy to use virtual PBX system in minutes.


Get the same features and functions of premise based VoIP PBX systems that cost thousands more.

Create Your Own Cloud VoIP PBX System

Who Uses DIY PBX?


Businesses of all sizes are using the DIY PBX to power their phone system.

Telecom Dealers

Dealers are offering Virtual and VoIP PBX systems to customers with less expense.

Managed Services

Managed service providers are integrating DIY PBX with existing offerings.

Create Your Own Cloud VoIP PBX System

Learn More About DIY PBX

What is DIY PBX?

DIY PBX is the fast, easy and affordable way to use or resell a cloud VoIP PBX.

DIY PBX is a simple, stable, and complete IP PBX in the cloud that provides phone calls over IP data networks.

We leverage our technology partners and our decades of telecom experience to make hosting your own phone system in the cloud inexpensive and straightforward.

Educational courses, written guides, and easy to understand instructional videos let you control your own hosted phone system in the cloud, without having to pay monthly fees or invest heavily in VoIP hardware.

How Does DIY PBX Work?

DIY PBX works in 4 simple steps:

  1. Watch the videos
  2. Create your accounts
  3. Set-up your PBX
  4. Start sending and receiving calls!

Why Should I Use DIY PBX?

You don’t need a proprietary, over-priced or off-the-shelf PBX system to get your very own Cloud VoIP PBX.

For as little as $5.00-$25.00 per month you can host your own phone system in the cloud! No more per seat license fees!

We have over 60 years combined experience pioneering, building, selling and installing Voice over IP telecom services and products.

We want to share our knowledge and introduce partners that provide value and leadership to the communications industry.

Who is DIY PBX a Fit For?

The do-it-yourselfer that wants to build their own phone system without the help of some large, faceless telecom company.