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190 Uses For Asterisk (and counting)

A few weeks ago I came up with an idea to document the various uses for Asterisk after becoming frustrated at the near-sightedness of many within the open source community who view the platform as nothing more than a phone system.

The result of this idea was a contest launched yesterday on the VoIP Insider, entitled 101 Things You can Do With Asterisk.

The premise was simple.

As the open source community to contribute to a post what they (or someone they know) has done with Asterisk. After we reached 101 uses, we would pick a winner (at random) and give them a $1,500 shopping spree at VoIP Supply.

What proceed absolutely floored me. Within the first two hours we had already received 101 uses and in less than a day have well over 200 different uses for Asterisk.

The contest and corresponding post is a testament to the creativity and spirit of the open source community. To all of you who contributed to the contest, congratulations; you get it.

Garrett Smith

Garrett Smith is a Technology Marketing and Sales Professional