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44,000 deployments is pretty impressive

Word out of Fonality today is that their for-profit VoIP phone system offerings have been deployed 44,000 times.

That’s pretty impressive.

Especially since Fonality has only been in business since 2003. And the first year (I believe) was spent as a residential VoIP service provider.

Further proof (if you needed more) that open source and open source based solutions are growing to be every bit as popular as their proprietary counterparts.

Garrett Smith

Garrett Smith is a Technology Marketing and Sales Professional

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  1. Tyler

    <3 for the blog post. Just some fact-checking:

    Fonality has been around since Dec 2004. Started as residential VoIP and when we went to buy a phone system for our OWN use – found it was too expensive.

    Realized then there was a market for affordable business-class VoIP systems. Shipped the first PBXtra in Oct 2005.

  2. db

    amazing what good PR and a $200 PC will do.

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