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A Hosted VoIP Provider’s Missed Opportunity: Surveillance

IP surveillance.

Like VoIP, IP surveillance is rapidly turning the traditional surveillance technologies on it’s ear. Legacy equipment manufacturers and VAR’s are quickly learning that the move to IP based solutions is inevitable. The same joys of IP based voice communications are realized with IP based surveillance. Lower TCO, increased scalability, more/better access to the technology and of course more functionality. As I have stated before, the parallels between the current surveillance marketplace and the voice marketplace are strikingly similar.

But unlike the VoIP marketplace, there are not a ton of players in the hosted IP surveillance game. Honestly, there are only two or three. The hosted IP surveillance model is very similar to that of hosted VoIP, yet the technology is more mature, in-demand and less sensitive to service interruptions that plague many types IP communications. With a hosted IP surveillance solution, a customer receives a set number of IP cameras (end-points) that are self-installed at their facility (or home). The control of the camera is hosted “in the cloud” accessible through an account management portal via a web browser. Customer receive the same sort of features and functionality they would with a premise based DVR or network video recorder, but don’t have to absorb the cost all at once. There is an up-front equipment fee and a monthly recurring charge for “camera management”.

In many ways, it is the exact same business model of today’s hosted VoIP providers…or maybe it is a complimentary business that presents an opportunity for current hosted VoIP providers to diversify their business model (and revenue streams) while providing an additional value.

So, with the cries for innovation, additional value and no more me-too’s, is hosted IP surveillance an opportunity that every hosted VoIP provider is currently missing out on?

Garrett Smith

Garrett Smith is a Technology Marketing and Sales Professional

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  3. Bethany Johs

    Hi Garrett,

    I am new to blogs so my apologies if this isn’t the type of comment you expect from visitors.

    I just wanted to let you know that you are right on target concerning managed video surveillance services. My company has provided managed services of IP video surveillance since April of 2006 and it has been one of our most successful additions. Our core business has been off-site hosted video storage since our launch in 1998, but the managed services has grown our business in ways we at first did not anticipate back in 2006.

    Many IT integrators and VARs have contacted us to become a partner. They are looking for more applications to add to their current managed services and IP surveillance is bringing in the new business every company needs to see for continued growth. It is also adding a new recurring revenue model to the table.

    We are seeing more telecommunications companies looking to expand their services with managed IP video broadcasting by providing their customers access to scheduled video through local access channels. We are also seeing more ISPs (DSL and wireless) looking for ways to sell new broadband subscriptions or upgrading existing accounts. IP video is providing them a way to set themselves apart from their competitors.

    There are millions of existing analog cameras and a growing number of IP cameras worldwide. Most of those cameras are deployed by small to medium businesses who do not have the time, resources or skills to maintain their current system. They are gladly paying for a monthly service to have someone else monitor, manage and maintain those systems for them remotely.

    Although we have been in this business for 10 years already, it is still a fairly new concept in the market. It is gaining more attention. I think the more people are educated on the alternatives to CCTV and DVR-based solutions, these types of services will become more mainstream.

    Thanks for the great article!

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