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Who’s Smith?

You need to make sure that fantastic insight you’ve been receiving isn’t coming from some insane lunatic.

It’s cool. I do the same thing.

My name is Garrett Smith. I started a career in marketing out of my dorm room helping companies to sell on the Internet. Some how I landed at VoIP Supply and led sales, marketing and business development efforts responsible for the creation of one of VoIP’s leading and most recognizable brands.

Today I run my own sales + marketing agency, Pitch + Pivot.

Over the last ten years – thanks in part to this site – I’ve become a noted VoIP industry expert and thought leader. That’s funny because I still feel like I don’t know a thing.

Why read?

That’s a great question to ask.

For last 12 years I’ve been entrenched in the VoIP space. As the Principal Consultant at Pitch + Pivot, I work directly with dozens of VoIP companies and hundreds of end users.

While Chief Marketing Officer at VoIP Supply, I was involved in hundreds of thousands of VoIP deployments in all shapes, sizes and budgets. Through expansive relationships with VoIP hardware and service providers I am given access to new products, partnerships and other insider information that few others have.

This first hand experience and rare access to information allows me to deliver relevant market commentary, product and service reviews as well as interviews, that make this site a must read if you have anything to do with VoIP.

But don’t just take my word for it. See what others are saying below.

Why connect?

Besides the fact that I rock?

All jokes aside I am a firm believer that relationships are the key to business success. Hopefully that’s enough to convince you to kick-off our relationship by introducing yourself.

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Got street cred?

There are a lot of talking heads in VoIP. I might talk a lot, but I can back it up.

Here’s what other notable experts say about me:

Garrett is a highly qualified leader in the space of business communications. Quite simply, he knows his stuff. Few, if any, folks have a better command of the issues confronting the business telecommunications space. He has the very unique talents of blending this knowledge with a clear command of marketing principles, particularly online marketing and demand generation. Garrett is a class guy with an incredibly bright future. – Henry Kaestner, Bandwidth.com

Garrett is a gifted professional who wields multi-disciplinary skills that belie his age. Garrett has held several esteemed positions within our organization, from sales to marketing and business development. Garrett has the innate ability to interpret both the granular, technical elements of telephony and the web, as well as the larger forces at work that impact and shape these industries. The combination of technical acumen, strategic thinking and consistent execution make Garrett a cherished asset. He’s also an all around great guy. – Cory Andrews, VoIP Supply

Garrett is unique. His view of the industry as displayed in his blog goes way beyond the narrow outlook of the typical Business Development executive. Many times Garret’s precise comments have afforded me a new understanding of where the industry is heading. – Moshe Maeir, Flat Planet Phone Company

Garrett is an exceptionally knowledgable and insightful person and this has allowed us leverage this with regards to our own marketing and promotional campaigns. By working with Garrett and VoIP Supply, we have been able to get into markets and business segments we wouldn’t have otherwise been able to get into yet. – Kerry Garrison, Teliax

Garrett is one of the most industry aware people I know. I rely on him to keep me informed of industry trends and indicators. – Chris Langford, Digium

Garrett is a smart technologist and a savvy and well-followed blogger. He has an impressive depth of knowledge of the telecom, VoIP and open source segments as well as a broad rolodex of friendships in the vendor ecosystem. He’s thoughtful, articulate, and diligent and brings a refreshing point of view to technical and difficult topics. I highly recommend reading his stuff. – Arnold Waldstein, Fonality.com

I have had the pleasure to work with Garrett as a fellow blogger (on the telcom, especially VoIP, space) for the past several months. What impresses me is his understanding of the telecom industry, the market players and their role in the market as well as how to develop successful business models for distributing VoIP products. – Jim Courtney, Skype Journal

Garrett is a prolific blogger and thoughtful marketer who has a great handle on the VoIP industry. – Andy Abramson, VoIP Watch

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