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Aksys Announces Peer-to-Peer IP Phone System


Aksys Networks, a company that designs and markets innovative VoIP solutions targeted to the small business marketplace, has announced that they are going to release a peer-to-peer IP Phone system for up to 30 phones. The KONNECTâ„¢ telephone system is a powerful, yet simple and cost effective, telephone system for small offices. The system works with both conventional phone lines and with VoIP services. It eliminates the need for a central PBX unit, yet offers a complete set of PBX telephony features.


The KONNECT IP phones feature dual ethernet ports, power over ethernet, RJ11 PSTN ports, the ability to handle up to 14 simultaneous calls, and a full duplex speakerphone. The KONNECT IP phones have the ability to do 3 way call conference capabilities, Blind call transfers, Attended call transfers, Set paging to one or all phones in the phone system, Call Hold, Call redial, PSTN, Caller ID support, Visual ringing indicator, Visual call hold indicator, Both On-hook and off-hook dialing, Call duration timer, Call Log of answered and missed calls, with call return.


The benefits of the Aksys KONNECT system is that you merely need to connect the KONNECT IP Phones to a ethernet switch via the RJ45 ports, connect to the PSTN via the RJ11 ports, configure the phones for your desired settings, and you are up and running. The KONNECT system can also be used to connect remote office via IP on the wide area network. Currently the system only uses VoIP on the LAN, and uses the PSTN for inbound and outbound calls, so it is not a pure VoIP system.

The biggest benefit of the system would be for those with multiple locations interested in the cost savings of toll-bypass without the need to invest in any sort of VoIP gateways. With a price tag of $300 per phone, it is definitely competitively priced when considering the per seat costs of much larger systems, but it is limited in features and functionality. If your interested, and at CES next week, stop by the Aksys booth and take the KONNECT system for a spin!

Garrett Smith

Garrett Smith is a Technology Marketing and Sales Professional