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A smart reader speaks up

I’m consistently impressed by the pedigree of reader here at Smith On VoIP. Some of the best and the brightest in the VoIP industry lurk here. Recently a few of you have stepped out of the shadows becoming active participants in the many discussions started here.

One of them is Tsahi Levent-Levi. Tsahi is the product’s manager and systems architect at Radvision. He powers the VoIP Survivor blog and the Talking Video blog over at TMC. He brings unique perspective and tons of smarts to the cutting edge elements of the industry.

He also adds a lot of value to this site in his comments he leaves here.

Earlier today Tsahi sent me an email with a request for a way to receive email notifications when a discussion that he was participating in was updated with additional thoughts from one of you.

What a great idea! How did I forget to do that I thought?

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Helping Those Recently Decommissioned

You’re no dummy – you know the economy sucks.

I know it’s not great too – but I’m an optimist. Today – unfortunately – I got a sour taste of our spoiled reality.

In a span of less than three hours I learned that a half dozen colleagues at a variety of companies had been decommissioned by their company (how about that for a happy new year?).

But – I’m an optimist (and I have an idea).

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Break in the Action

In what has been a rather bizarre chain of events, I went from not having Internet access at home (mostly like due to our first REAL snow of the year) yesterday, to not being able to access Gmail (today...who knows).…

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