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Get FREE Calling Courtesy of Indafon

I know you like FREE.

Gregely over at Indafon.com, a complete web-based communication service, which integrates Flash-based SIP telephony, Jabber IM services and contact management all from your web browser, has been bugging me for the last few weeks to offer all of you FREE calling credits when you sign-up for Indafon.com. I have been playing around with Indafon for the last couple of hours and it is pretty slick. It has a great user interface and the rates are affordable. If you are a browser centic communicator then you will find Indafon.com very agreeable.

Now, back to those FREE minutes. In order to get some FREE minutes when you sign-up for Indafon (it’s free), enter the code “smithrocks” in the exclusive promo box on the sign up page.

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