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snom m3 SIP DECT IP Phone

snom m3 is a Slick Looking Device

The snom m3 is one of the slickest VoIP phones I have seen in quite sometime. The snom m3 DECT phone was created renowned designer, Sebastian Stroschein of Stroschein Product Design, Berlin. Stroschein is particularly well-known for luxury car installations including the Bluetooth handset installed in the Maybach limousine, all mobile phone holders in Mercedes-Benz cars, including the iPhone holder, and for the handsets in Porsches and BMWs. High end design finally married with high end functionality – something that has been missing in the VoIP hardware space.

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Grandstream GXP1200 Two Line SIP IP Phone

Grandstream GXP1200 Adds to Grandstreams Family of Phones

Grandstream Networks, a leading designer and manufacturer of next-generation IP voice and video products for broadband networks, today announced a new 2-line SIP phone that further expands the GXP Enterprise SIP Phone series. The GXP1200 delivers 2 lines, 3 dynamic XML capable soft keys, dual network ports with integrated PoE, a backlit graphic LCD display and a sleek design. The GXP1200 is the third phone in the GXP Enterprise SIP Phone portfolio and will retail for less than $100. The Grandstream GXP1200 delivers a powerful set of features with excellent voice clarity, a comprehensive set of advanced call features and broad compatibility with leading SIP platforms. Because the GXP1200 shares the same SIP stack and firmware as the GXP2000 and Grandstream GXP2020, it is compatible with Avaya Communication Manager 3.1â„¢ and Avaya SIP Enablement Services 3.1â„¢, BroadSoft’s BroadWorks®, 3Com and asterisk-based platforms. The SIP stack for GXP series SIP phones is also verified by tekVizion (third party testing lab for Cisco Unified Call Managerâ„¢ 5.0).

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snom Wireless Headset Adapter a Winner

Wireless Headset Offers Non-Mechanical Call Control

Throw away your rubber-band’s (at least that’s what we use at VoIP Supply). The age of the non-mechanical wireless headset adapter for IP Phones is here. If you have ever used a wireless headset adapter with your IP Phone, you know what a pain the mechanical headset lifter can be. The headset lifter does not work correctly (hence the use of rubber bands to fasten the handset to the lifter). Leave it to snom, who is continuously on the bleeding edge in VoIP endpoint technology to release a non-mechanical wireless headset adapter for desktop IP Phones.

About the Snom Wireless Headset Adapter

The snom Wireless Headset Adapter has an EHS, non-mechanical interface between the snom IP phone and wireless headset, conforming to vendor-specific as well as DHSG standards. It allows for electronic reception of calls on the headset itself, offering users the convenience of using a stationary phone while roaming freely throughout the home or office.

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