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Yealink Phones

The Yealink line of IP phones are entry level IP phones designed for basic business use. Yealink phones are a product of over nine years of development expertise in the VoIP market place. As a company Yealink started in in…

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This is how Twitter will monetize

This started out as a comment on fellow Twitter connoisseur Steve Poland’s Advertising for Real Time Search (aka Twitter) post that when finally completed was worthy of a blog post.

The problem with “another Adwords” as Steve mentions is that Adwords is built on matching statics. Google’s entire search system is based on matching which heavily favors the old (longevity = credibility) statics.

A static matching system like Google won’t work well for Twitter as it’s content’s (or index) is not static, nor does it’s value to advertisers lay in history (at least not yet). It’s value lies in the here and now.

So in actuality the platform has to function in the exact opposite of how Adwords was constructed.

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Vonage keeps spending more for less

Vonage’s marketing spend is still out of control.

Every quarter since they went public their CEO has spoken to their marketing costs. Yet nothing much has changed.

As Doug Mohney reported, “marketing expense per customer [acquired] – has gone up to $309, despite reducing marketing costs┬áby $3 million from the previous quarter.” At that price Vonage doesn’t turn a profit on a new customer until year two.

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