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Plantronics SAVI W430 Review

Overall: The Plantronics SAVI W430 delivers flexibility, simplicity of use and high definition audio quality. Although the SAVI is a bit expensive,  it delivers everything you need from a wireless headset making it an ideal choice for the heavy softphone user or road warrior that demands a high performance headset.

Pros: The SAVI W430 fuses a solid customizable build with high definition voice and proven DECT wireless voice technology to deliver a top notch calling experience. Lightweight construction and customizable ear piece and microphone boom ensure proper fit and performance for all shapes and sizes.

Cons: The biggest downside to the Plantronics SAVI W430 is the price. With a street price around $170 USD, the SAVI is as expensive as a desktop IP phone. Also the SAVI W430 did become mildly uncomfortable after periods of use exceeding two and half hours, but then again so does talking.

Overview: The Plantronics SAVI W430 is a DECT wireless headset system designed for use with softphones and unified messengers. The SAVI W430 utilizes a USB dongle to connect to a PC or laptop.

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fring iPhone Review

fringFor some, fring coming to the iPhone was old news – there has been a version of fring for jailbroke iPhone since the spring. But for many, like me, the announcement of another Mobile VoIP application – from one of the leading Mobile VoIP providers presented another opportunity to test out the Mobile VoIP capabilities of the iPhone. I have been using the fring iPhone application for the last few days on my first generation iPhone to utilize and manage various communications methods on my iPhone. What follows is my insights and impressions on the fring iPhone application.

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Truphone iPhone Review

truphone When I first got my first generation iPhone I was foaming at the mouth – I couldn’t wait to experience Mobile VoIP on it. Unfortunately for me, I would have to wait almost a year – until Apple launched it’s iPhone App store. The first official VoIP application to hit the store was from Truphone – the UK based Mobile VoIP provider who I had been watching blaze a trail in the industry since their inception.

I have been using the Truphone iPhone application for a handful of weeks. What follows is a review of Truphone for the iPhone – enjoy.

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