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Nextiva Review

Every now and again I’m afforded the opportunity to spend a lot of time using a service before writing a review.

nextivaFor the past five months I’ve been using the hosted VoIP phone service from Nextiva, one of the fastest growing hosted VoIP providers in the US. What follows is my review of Nextiva’s service based on this usage.

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The BYOD missed opportunity

VoIP hardware sucks.

Well at least for many VoIP providers.

It’s often troublesome to standardize on. It’s costly to purchase in volume and warehouse. Plus there is that whole “logistics” thing (including returns).

As a result many VoIP providers have decided to simply stick with what they do best – sell service – and allow customers to bring their own device (Bring Your Own Device).

For these providers and many an onlooker it seems like a smart move. Focus on what you do best (sell service) while giving customers the “choice” of whatever device they want.

A win-win right?

Well not quite.

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Six VoIP service alternatives for AT&T CallVantage customers

Word hit the streets this week that AT&T will soon be canceling their VoIP offering CallVantage, leaving many customers without a phone service. After spending the last 48 hours helping many CallVantage customers find suitable VoIP service replacements on Twitter, I though it’d be helpful to create a list of my top VoIP service recommendations.

These VoIP service recommendations are made based on my personal experiences using these services as a primary or secondary residential voice line over the last few years. They are listed in no particular order.

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