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Open Source Phone Systems; Easy as Pie

A while ago I was conducting a product training for three of our new sales hires and we started to talk about open source phone systems. As you can imagine (since you have probably been there yourself) as a newbie, wrapping your head around open source phone system isn’t always the easiest thing to do. Heck, learning about VoIP in general can be difficult and when you throw in the part about open source software you can see how things can derail quite quickly.

In order to help them better understand open source phone systems, I came up with a layered anatomy approach to describing an open source phone system. While this is nothing revolutionary in my eyes, it seemed to help them, so I figured why not throw it out there in hopes that it might help others.

Anatomy of an Open Source Phone System

When I think of an open source phone system I think of a lemon meringue pie (probably because I am a fan of it). Everyone knows that a great lemon meringue has a few “layers” on it and the same is true of an open source phone system.

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How to Unlock SunRocket Gizmo For Use With InPhonex

Given the recent demise of SunRocket, I thought this little how-to might be of use for those who were left holding their ata and are interested in switching over to one of my favorite VoIP providers, InPhonex.

Gizmo (InnoMedia MTA 6328-2ReHow to Unlock SunRocket Gizmo for use with InPhonex

STEP 1Disconnect your WAN port from the gizmo.STEP 2 Open your browser with Internet Explorer. Go to » – the IP Address will verify if you changed the default settings in the gizmo. If so, use that address, but DO NOT FORGET the /Voice_adminPage.htm at the end.STEP 3 Login using your admin password. If you do not know the password, they can be found at gizmopasswords.blogspot.comHere is one example:Login: adminPassword: slapshot

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How to Test Your VoIP Connection


A VoIP connection is different from other services. When you use your browser, for example, the only thing you need is good network speed. You will never realize if some packets have different paths or their incoming sequence is different from the source. Therefore, bandwidth is the only parameter you need to care about.

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How to Select The Right Analog Telephone Adaptor (ATA)

What is the Right Telephone Adaptor Choice For Your Situation?

Most VoIP service providers do a poor job of explaining the differences and benefits of the different types of analog telephone adaptors (ATA). Many take your level of knowledge as it pertains to telephone adaptors for granted; assuming you fully understand each feature/ functionality of an ATA, and that you understand how these features/ functionalities relate to your calling situation.

What follows is a quick guide to selecting the proper ATA with your VoIP Service.

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