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Cheeseburger Baby South Beach Rocks!

On Wednesday night after a long day at the IT Expo and a night on the town with a few customers, my colleagues and I got a craving for a mid-night snack. There was not much open near my hotel, expect for this tiny, no thrills storefront diner across the street called Cheeseburger Baby. Honestly, it did not look like much, so i was not expecting to be completely blown away with not only the friendly service, but with one of the best hamburgers I have ever had.

Cheeseburger Baby is definitely not a five star restaurant, but at 1am, who cares right?

They have a no thrills menu that features the huge 1LB 100% Angus beef double cheese burger. Their menu is not for the faint at heart. When you come her, be ready to eat. Without fail, I order the 1Lb double cheese burger and add some bacon to it for good measure. The burger was awesome!

The best thing about the whole experience was the fact that Cheeseburger Baby was not trying to be something it was not. While in South Beach, so many restaurants, eateries and diners tried to sugar coat sub-par food with glitz, glamor and a little presentation, but not Cheeseburger Baby. They simply delivered great food that really hit the spot that night.

Thanks guys!

Garrett Smith

Garrett Smith is a Technology Marketing and Sales Professional