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Cisco’s Win is Avaya’s loss

Just came across a news item which showcases a call center that moved from Avaya’s platform over to Cisco’s IPCC system.

Vcare Call Centers was using Avaya based solutions and now has moved over to Cisco IPCC ( the entire suite inclusive of Call Manager/EPBX/IVR). Talking about this move Sandeep Mehra, CEO of Vcare Call Center says

“We found Cisco’s IP-based offering superior than the traditional Time Division Multiplexing (TDM based offering). We started using Cisco’s Voice over IP Solution for about 2 years. We moved from a leased facility to our own facility and found that the voice quality of the Cisco’s IPCC was far superior to any of its competitors.” Mehra adds, “This solution helps large enterprises that need to centralize their contact center operations to gain more control over their resources.”

Now what intrigues me is the statement Cisco’s IPCC solution had a voice quality far more superior than any of its competitors. Did they compare Cisco’s to Avaya’s/Nortel’s systems before coming up with this? In most of these implementations, QoS is ensured at the network layer and since I see the whole “Contact Center Suite” ( Cisco/Avaya/Nortel solution) in the application layer, I believe had the underlying network been implemented properly, any of these solutions would have been fine.

It is possible Cisco built the network for vCare as well as part of their solution which the other solutions can’t even think about. I have said that this one reason is the most compelling reason why Cisco would succeed in the Contact Center space. They own the network and it is a one stop solution for a Contact center wanting to be ‘IP’ enabled.

Good win for Cisco, not so good for Avaya.