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CyberData Release New Suite of IP Paging Systems

CyberData Coroporation released it’s newest addition to its VoIP product line. CyberData has released the following new products:

  • Loudspeaker Amplifier
  • Zone Controller 4-Port Audio-Out
  • Paging Server
  • Wall-mount Speaker Adapter

CyberData’s VoIP Loudspeaker Amplifier provides an easy method for implementing SIP-based overhead paging systems in noisy environments such as warehouses and production areas. It is enclosed in a moisture-proof NEMA enclosure for outdoor applications. CyberData also offers a wireless option for remote locations. The VoIP Zone Controller with 4-PortAudio-Out enables access to existing analog paging systems through a SIP-based VoIP phone system. The four audio outputs connect to a standard paging amplifier with audio inputs and supports up to 16 paging zones. CyberData’s VoIP Paging Server enables users to create software-defined zones for paging speakers in a VoIP phone network. The Web-based configuration tool provides a graphical interface to select individual speakers for paging zones in a SIP environment. The Wall-mount Speaker Adapter allows for easy surface mounting of CyberData’s VoIP Ceiling Speaker directly to a wall.

Although CyberData is not as well known as they should be in the VoIP industry, they are one of a small number of companies producing IP paging systems that work. For many companies overhead paging systems are a must have, and until recently were a reason that certain companies would not migrate to a VoIP Phone system. CyberData will be displaying their full line of IP paging systems in VoIP Supply’s partner pavilion at the Internet Telephony Expo.

Garrett Smith

Garrett Smith is a Technology Marketing and Sales Professional