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Digium Launches New Warranty to Match Sangoma’s

The folks at Digium shot me over a release this morning that detailed their new warranty program. The new initiative is in response to Digium’s goal to ensure that it’s products are the most reliable in the industry. Branded the “Digium Exceptional Satisfaction Program (ESP)” it is touted as the most comprehensive and aggressive product guarantee program in the open source telephony market today and provides exceptional new incentives to resellers and partners selling Digium Asterisk-based commercial solutions worldwide.

The new program includes

  • A new five-year warranty on all new Digium PCI and PCI Express telephony cards;
  • A one-year warranty on all Digium Appliances that can be extended via subscription renewal;
  • All Commercial Asterisk Software will come with a one-year subscription standard and can be extended via subscription renewal;
  • A money-back guarantee should Digium products fail to perform as advertised.

The certainly is a great warranty program, but in all fairness it should be noted that Digium competitors Sangoma and Rhino Equipment have had a five year warranty on their hardware and a “take care of the customer” policy (ie if it does not work, send it back) since they began selling PCI hardware.

As open source telephony grows in popularity, all companies involved are really “stepping their game up.” Now is a good time to be an open source customer!

Garrett Smith

Garrett Smith is a Technology Marketing and Sales Professional

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  1. Bill Miller

    Digium’s new warranty and Exceptional Satisfaction Program extends far beyond what you suggest. Digium’s boards now all carry the 5-year warranty and the money back guarantee under the ESP program. But Digium’s business and ESP program goes far beyond that. Asterisk Software in the form of Asterisk Business Edition and Switchvox are also covered under this program. Digium is the creator, license holder, maintainer and steward of the open source Asterisk project.

    Of course ,AsteriskNOW and Switchvox Free are exactly that – FREE. ESP covers all commercial products from Digium.


  2. Garrett Smith


    I’m a hardware guy, so I tend to slant my stories towards hardware.

    All in all a good program and I am glad to see you guys bringing your warranties and service offerings up to (and beyond in some instances) what the rest of the market is offering.

    Should allow you guys to continue to build traction and momentum in the VAR/Enterprise space.

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