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Digium to Aggressively Build Out Their Channel

Today Doug Mahoney at FierceVoIP did an awesome interview with Digium CEO Danny Windham on Digium, SwitchVox and the future (Get the full thing here). During the interview Danny revealed some pretty pertinent facts about where Digium and SwitchVox and their next focus – building out their channel. To me this is a smart – and exciting focus, as it will further the proliferation of Digium’s cornerstones – Asterisk and SwitchVox – into the mainstream SMB sector.

But it looks like Digium is going to stick close to it’s root’s with their build out – steering clear of the traditional IT distribution channels (like Tech Data), marketing based relationships (like Dell or CDW) and big box consumer channels (like Best Buy). This means – contrary to what some believe – that Digium is investing back into the community that has raised it through keeping these channel opportunities close to home. With investments centering on chanel development by way of training and education there is no better time then today to become a VoIP VAR – an a Digium one to boot.

Garrett Smith

Garrett Smith is a Technology Marketing and Sales Professional

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