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What is DIY PBX?
A simple, stable, and complete cloud VoIP PBX that provides phone calls over IP data networks. We leverage our technology partners and our decades of telecom experience to make hosting your own phone system in the cloud inexpensive and straightforward. Educational courses, written guides, and easy to understand instructional videos let you control your own hosted phone system in the cloud, without having to pay monthly per seat fees or invest heavily in VoIP hardware.

For as little as $5.00-$25.00 per month you can host your entire phone system in the cloud! No more per seat license fees! We have over 60 years combined experience pioneering, building, selling and installing voice over IP telecom services and products. We want to share our knowledge and introduce partners that provide value and leadership in the communications industry.

What is Voice Over IP?
VoIP is an acronym for Voice of Internet Protocol. VoIP transmits traffic over internet networks instead of PSTN networks. Since IP was initially designed to handle data traffic, voice traffic uses special protocols designed for optimizing audio, and the packets and information that transmit the audio as IP data packets.

What is a PBX?
(P)rivate (B)ranch (E)xchange is a private telephone network that allows users of a phone system to make and receive inbound, outbound, and internal phone calls.

What does a PBX do?
A PBX connects a private telephone network to the public switched telephone network (PSTN).

What is an IP PBX?
A complete telephony system on a private network that uses internet protocols to connect the transmission of audio traffic. All voice conversations are sent as data packets over the network.

What is a Hosted IP PBX?
A PBX accessible via an IP network. A hosted PBX provider typically provides: hardware, software, training, and maintenance and is completely managed off-site. Call routing is handled at their data center and the software is managed by the Hosted PBX service provider.

What is a Virtual IP PBX?
A software based PBX that offers easy installation and expanded features that many phone systems cannot provide. All equipment except phones (wiring, switches, pbx server) are managed by a third party.

What is a Cloud IP PBX?
A PBX that stores and transfers data over the internet instead of using hardware that is located on a private telephone network. A cloud PBX allows you to access the data and the services of your instance from any device connected to the internet and registered to the cloud phone system.

How does a IP PBX work?
An IP PBX is akin to a proxy server: SIP endpoints (soft phones, hard phones, overhead paging, and in some cases IP cameras) register to the IP PBX and establish a connection. The IP PBX interprets the SIP addresses for each of the SIP end points in it’s directory and connects internal calls or routes external calls through your dial tone provider (SIP Trunking, RJ11, PRI, T1).

What are the benefits of an IP PBX?
Easier installation, maintenance, and configuration than traditional phone systems. Intuitive phone system administration allows for scalability and increases in productivity, which allow for significant cost savings and improved efficiency.

What is SIP : Session Initiation Protocol?
SIP is an audio signalling protocol used in telephony to initiate, modify, and terminate calls on a IP PBX. SIP is a highly flexible text based protocol based on open standards.

What is a SIP Server?
Also referred to as a SIP Proxy or Registrar, a SIP server is responsible for setting up and tearing down all of the calls in the network, with no audio transmission (audio is handled by the media server using RTP).

What are SIP Phones?
SIP Phones, IP Phones, Softphones, and VoIP phones are all the same: endpoints that connect to your Cloud, Hosted, Virtual, or premise based IP PBX to make calls over an IP or PSTN Network.

In your DIY PBX setup tutorial you’ll encounter guides for several of the more popular SIP phones: Polycom, Yealink, Grandstream, Snom, and Cisco/Linksys.

Do you have a reseller program?
We offer these instructions for free and you are welcome to package them or use them anyway you wish. Some of our partners have reseller programs for their services. We are always looking for qualified and innovative partners.

What phones do you support?
Most any unlocked IP Phone that uses an open version of SIP will work. We specifically have guides for configuring Yealink, Grandstream, Polycom, and Cisco/Linksys Phones.