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Fonality Launches FonalityCRM

Leading IP PBX Provider Expands Business Into CRM Sector

One of the biggest opportunities for IP communications companies is the ability to deliver a variety of hosted services to their customers. In the past, I have talked about the tremendous opportunity that many hosted VoIP companies possess when it comes to delivering addition services to their customers. Today, Fonality, a company that offers a hybrid-hosted IP phone system, has launched FonalityCRM, a hosted CRM applications geared towards sales organizations. While the product is currently offered as a stand-alone service, the company does have plans to tightly integrate the offering with their current PBXtra product; bring the power of a robust CRM solution and a enterprise level phone system together.

The FonalityCRM solution is powered by SugarCRM, a leading commercial open source CRM application offering a flexible, cost-effective alternative to expensive proprietary applications. Inspired by the power and robustness of SugarCRM, Fonality has tailored the celebrated Sugar Professional application and extended it specifically for sales. Fonality adds even more value with reliable hosting and a level of support that’s setting the bar in the industry.

Even though Fonality is not a pure play hosted provider, this is still a great move for their company, especially since the demand for greater integration between a company’s phone system and their CRM systems is ever increasing.

Garrett Smith

Garrett Smith is a Technology Marketing and Sales Professional

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  1. dean.collins

    So Garrett when are you going to implement some Open Social API’s to your version of Sugar CRM?

    I think it would be way cool that when you pop the crm window based on cli in your Sugar CRM contact page that at the same time you use the Open Social API’s to hit partner sites for incoming callers information.

    Eg pop their LinkedIn profile, or less formal but more silly their latest blog posts, or the photos they recently uploaded into MySpace.

    In case you haven’t seen it yet check out the Google Campfire video on my blog at http://www.collins.net.pr/blog to see this video and get an idea on how some of the existing API’s can add value to the Fonality proposal.

    Dean Collins

  2. Garrett Smith

    Dean, I do not work for Fonality, I work for VoIP Supply.

    Interesting thought though. Seems to be something that would be a great utility.

  3. Mentos

    I am a VAR in the midwest, and I started installing IP PBXs into some of the businesses around here over the past few years. Plumbing supply companies, church administrative offices, small collection agencies, some local municipal offices and other private businesses. I can tell you that the ability to see the Facebook profile of the inbound calling customer is, by far, their number one priority. They are much more concerned with accessing the social graph than they are with things like call parking and conferencing.

  4. Garrett Smith

    @ Mentos – HAHA! That is a classic.

  5. Dan Jackman

    Dean, way cool is right. We are doing something similar by doing screenpops based on the callerID. Typically this is a service that can do a reverse search based on callerID and screenpop the customer information. I’m going to look into the Open Social APIs. Do you know if we can search based on the callerID, because that is what I have to work from. If the customer is already in my CRM screenpop there contact and go anywhere from there.

    Thanks for the suggestion.

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