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Fonality trixbox Open Communication Certification Contest Winners

A Few Days Later Than Expected

I extended the Fonality trixbox Open Communication Certification Contest a little longer than expected, but alas it has ended and I have selected to winners.

Here are the winners and their responses to the contest question

Question: “How Does trixbox and open source communications empower the small medium business?


  • Mark Headd: Open source communications empowers the small and medium business by providing access to powerful phone systems with features that typically were only seen in expensive proprietary solutions.

    Asterisk is a disruptive technology that is completely changing the telephony equation by providing an enterprise-grade PBX system that can be deployed at very low cost. Trixbox brings together the best of the open source communications world, by bundling Asterisk with other essential tools like freePBX, SugarCRM, HUDLite and many more to create a powerful combination that can be installed and administered easily by small and medium businesses.

    If Asterisk is the engine of open source telephony, trixbox is the car. For small and medium businesses, who previously faced a high cost of entry into the world of enterprise grade telephony, it’s definitely a muscle car.

  • JM Walker: Open source communications allows a knowledgable contributing body across the globe to develop feature rich and functional solutions that far exceed benchmarks of any closed source communications initiative.

    It is because of the diverse locale, various levels of interest and experience, that enables this self goverened contributing body to produce updates and enhancements at unprecended intervals.

    The TrixBox project leverages the standards of open source communications by packaging the Asterisk open source PBX along with a multitude of feature rich modules and add-ons, all into a free-to-download .ISO image file.

    The TrixBox project considers a novice technology user looking to discover and be involved with open source communications and provides a way for one to build their own IP PBX in less than an hour. By freely distributing TrixBox as a simple .ISO image file, virtually anyone can instantly begin discovering and contributing to the world of open source communications.

    The TrixBox PBX can be customized to preform common functions and can be enhanced to do almost anything imaginable while yielding no licensing costs. Software phones can be installed on computers and laptops that emulate the features of a desktop handset (some ’softphones’ are free). There are a multitude of technology equipment manufacturers that produce telephone handsets compatible with TrixBox. This provides a small business with the option to choose from a multitude of handsets and also allows more than one make or model to be used on the same TrixBox system. The phones communicate to the system using the Local Area Network allowing for a handset to be easily moved from one desk to another, as easily as an office computer is relocated. Phones can be moved or placed out of the office and be programmed to connect to the TrixBox PBX over the Internet. For all of these foundational reasons one can conclude that small businesses today can benefit from the features, functions, and flexability of TrixBox.

Congratulations gentlemen! I will be contacting both of you via email with instructions on how to get your FREE pass to the Fonality trixbox Open Communication Certification workshop!

Garrett Smith

Garrett Smith is a Technology Marketing and Sales Professional