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Get A Free Month of Calling From VoIP.com

VoIP.com is Now Offering One Month of Free Calling

voip.comVoIP.com, who ranked the number one residential VoIP service provider in a recent comparison that my colleagues and I conducted over the past several months, is now offering a free month of calling when you sign-up for service. VoIP.com offers numerous different plans, including:

Each of VoIP.com’s service plans include all of the standard calling features, including, but not limited to Anonymous Call Rejection, Call Return, Call Waiting, Caller ID with Name, Cancel Call Waiting per Call, Enhanced 911, Directory Assistance (411), Last Number Redial, Outbound Caller ID Blocking, Speed Dial 8, Speed Dial 100, and Three-Way Calling.

VoIP.com Additional Services

VoIP.com also offers a variety of additional value added services to enhance your calling abilities.

  • Main Number

    Price: $9.95/month.

    Have just one phone number for all of your contacts, never needing to change it again, keeping it when you move or add additional phone services. Get called on one number and have it call you where ever you are. Learn More…

  • Voicemail

    Price: $4.95/month.

    Check your voicemail messages from your computer. When someone calls your number and leaves a message, it’s delivered straight to your email inbox. Listen to your messages with most popular media players. It’s that simple. Learn More…

  • Mobile Line 2

    Price: $8.75/month.

    Mobile Line 2 combines your existing cell phone service with Voip’s enhanced phone system. Voip’s brings a second line to your cell phone complete with voicemail, call-screening, a seperate number, and more! Learn More…

So if you are looking for a value priced, high quality, VoIP service provider, check out VoIP.com…Hey I use ’em!

Garrett Smith

Garrett Smith is a Technology Marketing and Sales Professional