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Get FREE Calling Courtesy of Indafon

I know you like FREE.

Gregely over at Indafon.com, a complete web-based communication service, which integrates Flash-based SIP telephony, Jabber IM services and contact management all from your web browser, has been bugging me for the last few weeks to offer all of you FREE calling credits when you sign-up for Indafon.com. I have been playing around with Indafon for the last couple of hours and it is pretty slick. It has a great user interface and the rates are affordable. If you are a browser centic communicator then you will find Indafon.com very agreeable.

Now, back to those FREE minutes. In order to get some FREE minutes when you sign-up for Indafon (it’s free), enter the code “smithrocks” in the exclusive promo box on the sign up page.

Anyone signing up with this keyword will get 10 minutes of free phone calls to Argentina (Buenos Aires), Australia, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, USA (exp. Alaska and Hawaii), USA (mobile), United Kingdom, France, Greece, Netherlands, Ireland, Canada, Canada (mobile), China, China (mobile), Luxembourg, Germany, Norway, Italy, Russia (Moscow, St. Petersburg), Portugal, Spain, Singapore, Singapore (mobile), Sweden!

Wait, there is more. After signing up, you can invite friends for another 10 minutes of free calling after each invitation, and the invited person will also be rewarded by 5 minutes of free telephone calls. (details to be found by clicking on the Wanted sign on the page.)

So, take the man up on his offer. Sign-up for Indafon here.

Garrett Smith

Garrett Smith is a Technology Marketing and Sales Professional

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  2. Ruslan Zalata


    Please check this new free calling service FreeRinger: http://www.freeringer.biz/


  3. Jean Vincent

    I have not been able to signup.

    First I entered an existing username, then it refused every other entry of a new username by rejecting the form with an error telling me that fields that I had filled-up should not be left blank.

    I could have cleared my cookies and try again but I decided to stop there because I can’t afford to waste my time on a product that will disappear in 6 months because they can’t figure out sign-up.

    If they can’t figure out sign-up, I don’t know how they will ever be able to deliver a usable / reliable VoIP service.

    Poor execution will be the next fatalities in the current financial crisis.

    So many great products at first glance, but very few actually work and are worth the servers they run on.

  4. Indafon.com

    @Jean Vincent: sorry to hear that, it should really work, we have never had trouble with it by now. (We’ve just tested it after you comment and as far as we see everything should be OK.) Please send us an e-mail to info@indafon.com so we can help you out! Thanks!

  5. Jean Vincent

    I tried again, after closing the whole tab and reopening it. And this time it worked.

    I then tried to make a call using the Flash-based interface, that opened in a new window instead of a new tab, but it does not let me enter any number in the box!

    So I refreshed / reloaded the window, still not able to dial any digit.

    Finally it showed that it was disconnected.

    No way this is gonna make it!

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