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Give Me Some of that VoIP Minacom is Using

I just wrote a really thought provoking and interesting post on Minacom’s VoIP call quality report that was released yesterday, but my server keeps bombing because of all the love i am getting from this post and I lost the entire thing.

So all you get is what I can remember….

The report they released holds little weight in respect to the experience of most consumers using VoIP. I use three different classifications of VoIP everyday, and none of them are quite on-par with a PSTN line (as to why I still have one). I found it interesting that this report was the exact opposite of the one Brix Networks released last month (which I tend to agree with). I guess this is what happens when one company tests the call quality of the “perfect system” and the other tests “the real world” system.

I think I ended by stating that if the industry continues to send out this kind of information (mis-information in some respects), that consumers will end up misinformed and disatisfied, which will result in a negative public perception of VoIP, that will leave many of us fighting an up-hill battle when selling and or marketing VoIP products and services.

I assure you the original version was much better. Guess I should have listened when I was told to “frequently save my work.”

Garrett Smith

Garrett Smith is a Technology Marketing and Sales Professional