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Gizmo SMS Now Live

Gizmo SMS – SIPphone’s Latest Web Based Communications Effort

gizmo smsThe new services just keep on coming from San Deigo, CA based SIPphone, Inc. Their lastest offering, Gizmo SMS, looks to capitialize on the booming text message marketplace, by allowing users to send SMS messages from any web browser to any user – for FREE. While this is not a new concept or idea, Gizmo SMS allows users to send text messages to mobile phones in more than 65 countries on over 215 mobile networks. Most SMS services only operate within a single country.

Here is What is Cool About Gizmo SMS

Another innovative feature of Gizmo SMS is that it does not require the sender to know the cellular carrier of the mobile number they are sending a message to. Gizmo SMS also CAPTCHA challenge-response, users are required to enter a unique id before sending each text message preventing the ability for spammers to send unsolicited SMS messages.

Check out Gizmo SMS at http://www.gizmosms.com.

Garrett Smith

Garrett Smith is a Technology Marketing and Sales Professional