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Google VoIP Knols – Win $1900

As some of you may know Google recently launched a new product, Knol. Knol is a user generated content site, made in the same vein as Wikipedia. I believe it to be an incredible product whose popularity will grow in the coming months and so I took the liberty of creating a few VoIP related Knols. However, rather than have the definitions for these terms come from me, I thought I would get all of the VoIP experts out there visiting this site to help out through a contest.

Win a Digium AA50 Asterisk Appliance!

For the terms below, the person who contributes the most pieces of additional information to each Knol, will win a Digium Asterisk Appliance AA50 with 8FXO ports and a silver subscription (over an $1900 value). For more product details, go here. So all you have to do to win this Asterisk Appliance is contribute some solid content!

Here are the Knols I have created:

I look forward to all of your content contributions and to awarding a shiny new AA50 to someone!

Garrett Smith

Garrett Smith is a Technology Marketing and Sales Professional

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  1. Russell Bryant

    I think you made a typo. There is no such thing as an AA50 with 8 FXS ports. You linked to the one with 8 FXO ports, so I assume that’s what you meant. 😉

  2. Garrett Smith

    @Rusell: Great catch. It was late. Post updated – Thanks.

  3. Allan Button

    I would rather have 8FXS, having personal experience with several AA50’s, they do not tune well on FXO lines.

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