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Grandstream BudgeTone 200 (GS-200) Coming Soon!

It looks like Grandstream Networks is set to unveil it’s fourth IP phone under $100 this week. The Grandstream BudgeTone 200 or GS-200 is set to hit the streets at a list price of $89.

The Grandstream BudgeTone 200 features dual RJ45 Ports for LAN/WAN switching or routing and a full duplex speakerphone. This IP Phone will definitely be a hot seller when it hits the shelves. I wonder if the huge product marketing budgets of Grandstream larger competitors is the reason that none of the major players (Linksys, DLink) has been able to break into the sub $100 price range.

Although they will never win a beauty contest, Grandstream phones offer tremendous value for SOHO and SMB consumers. Click Here to get yours today!

Garrett Smith

Garrett Smith is a Technology Marketing and Sales Professional