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If you are reading this it probably means that you are interested in Wireless VoIP. After all, Wireless VoIP is one of the hottest new technologies in the VoIP market today. With all of the buzz and attention though, comes misinformation and consumer misconception. The following guide is designed to assist you in finding the Wireless VoIP solution based on the needs of your business. It’s advice is based on over six years of experience and the hundreds of companies that have been assisted in finding the right Wireless VoIP solution for their business needs.

Using Wireless VoIP does not have to be a pain

For many early adopters of Wireless VoIP they find the technology to be less than ideal. As with any new technology, there are hurdles to a successful Wireless VoIP deployment. Fortunately for you, selecting the right Wireless VoIP solution does not have to be that hard. No matter if you are a small medium business or a large enterprise, there is a basic set of questions you need to answer before selecting the right Wireless VoIP solution.

Things to consider before selecting a Wireless VoIP solution

  1. Why are you looking for a Wireless VoIP solution?Many companies take a hard look at Wireless VoIP because they want the freedom (or lack thereof) that Wireless VoIP presents. However, there are other ways to get the freedom that mobility provides without deploying a wireless network. Make sure that the reasons behind deploying Wireless VoIP cannot be replicated elsewhere easier.
  2. What type of Wireless VoIP are you looking to deploy?Believe it or not there is more than one type of Wireless VoIP. Most correlate Wireless VoIP with 802.11b/g, but Wireless VoIP can also be deployed using a DECT based solution. If you do not have the budget to properly deploy a Wireless network that can do IP hand-offs from access point to access point, DECT is an excellent alternative.
  3. How much area are you looking to cover?Based on how many square feet you are looking to cover with a Wireless VoIP solution, you will need a varying about of access points and or repeaters.
  4. Who will be using the Wireless VoIP handsets?Like IP phones, there are a couple of different types of Wireless IP Phone handsets (with more to come) on the market today. Pay attention to the specific needs of each employee or employee type that will be using the handset and make their needs with the features of the Wireless IP phone.
  5. What are you expectations?Wireless VoIP does not work like cellular technology, so if you expect your Wireless VoIP network to perform like a cellular network, then you are expecting too much. While Wireless VoIP presents tons of upside, it is not as mature as cellular technology and hence there will be hurdles.

When selecting a Wireless VoIP solution you will may encounter more questions, problems and issues than the considerations named above. However, if you answer the five questions listed above prior to selecting your Wireless VoIP solution, you will find that you will be better prepared to make an informed decision. They result of which should be a user who is satisfied with the Wireless VoIP solution they use each day.

If you have more questions about Wireless VoIP solutions for your business, please contact us, or check out the Wireless VoIP offers to the right.