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Helping Those Recently Decommissioned

You’re no dummy – you know the economy sucks.

I know it’s not great too – but I’m an optimist. Today – unfortunately – I got a sour taste of our spoiled reality.

In a span of less than three hours I learned that a half dozen colleagues at a variety of companies had been decommissioned by their company (how about that for a happy new year?).

But – I’m an optimist (and I have an idea).

These are all great people (at least I think so). People with valuable skills and fantastic experience – just because they’ve been decommissioned – doesn’t mean there is anything wrong with them.

I think I can help them (and others like them). I think you can help me too.

What I am going to do is help connect them (and others like them) with companies looking for great employees with valuable skills and lots of experience within the VoIP industry. I’m going to do this by leveraging my personal rolodex, the power of the web, this blog and your help (of course).

No – I’m not a recruiter. I’m an optimist – who wants to help.

I know that you and I can help both sides. I think that this can be done by creating an opt-in email list that is comprised of those looking for their next opportunity (the recently decommissioned) in which vetted (by me) opportunities from VoIP related companies can be pushed to them. (Similar to Peter Shankman’s HARO set-up)

No cuts. No fees. No fuss. Simply people helping people.

I think it could work. And help a lot of people.

So how can you help? Well – here are a few ways:

  • If you have a blog – please help spread the word by mentioning this initiative
  • If you have an email list – please help spread the word by mentioning this initiative
  • If you have recently been decommissioned and want to get pushed opportunities – drop me a line
  • If you are a company in the VoIP space looking to push opportunities to those looking for them – drop me a line
  • If you own a company that provides email newsletter solutions and want to hook me up – drop me a line
  • If you have a better idea – drop me a line
  • If none of the above applies – but you have time on your hands to help – drop me a line

I hope to hear from you. I think that together this will work – and help a lot of people. But remember that in life there are no guarantees and I offer none in putting this together.

I’m an optimist though so I’m not worried about it not working. I’m already thinking about getting something up and rolling in a weeks time.

I will let you know how it progresses – and of course when it get’s released. Thanks for your time (and attention).

I hope to hear from you.

P.S. Don’t forget to drop me a line if you want to help (or have a better idea).

P.S.S. Feel free to Tweet this as well.

Garrett Smith

Garrett Smith is a Technology Marketing and Sales Professional

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  1. Telephony Depot

    Nice work Garrett, anyone looking for employment in this space should also feel free to reach out to us at work@ourdomain.com (get the domain part at Telephony Depot). -Jason

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