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Create Your Own Cloud VoIP PBX

DIY PBX is the fast, easy and affordable way to use or resell a robust cloud VoIP PBX.

The DIY PBX is unlike anything else you’ve seen before.

Rather than try to sell you a proprietary, over-priced or off-the-shelf PBX system, with DIY PBX all you need to do is follow the instructions and inside of 30 minutes get your very own Cloud VoIP PBX.

Here’s how DIY PBX works – 4 simple steps!

  1. Watch the Videos – Go the Set-up Your PBX page and review the short video instructions. It’s recommended that you watch the video before your first attempt, to familiarize yourself with the basic process and requirements.
  2. Create Your Accounts – Once familiar with the DIY PBX set-up process, head on over to the Partners page and sign-up for all of the accounts you’ll need to have in order to complete the process. Doing this ahead of time speeds of the process!
  3. Set-up Your PBX – Using our simple to follow videos and your new partner accounts, create your very own DIY PBX! Use our friendly DIY PBX Forums if you get stuck or need help during the process.
  4. Send and Receive Calls – Once you’ve set-up your own DIY PBX, have it properly configured to your needs and all of your ancillaries, like VoIP Phones, are connected, you can now start send and receiving calls for less than ever before!

That’s it!

A few steps is all that separates you from a robust cloud VoIP PBX that costs a fraction of other PBX systems.

Get started today by setting-up your DIY PBX.