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Video 15: How to Set-up Call Detail Reports

This video instructs you on Call Detail Reports (CDRs) which allow you to review who answered what, how often, the duration of the call, and drill into the details of the usage for each extension on your phone system.

1. FreePBX admin > Select “Reports” drop down menu > Select “Asternic CDR Reports” module

  • The call detail data is displayed in the four tabs at the top “Home”, “Outgoing”, “Incoming”, “Distribution”.
  • You can view graphs and call duration’s for each extension registered to your phone system.

2. Select “Reports” drop down > Select “CDR Reports” module

  • Select your settings to drill down into individual calls (based on day, time, etc) and click “Search”
  • The Call Detail Records are displayed below your “Call Detail Record Search” table.
  • Under the column labeled “Recording”, had you enabled Call Recording for this call you would see two links: 1 to “Play” and 1 to “Download”. Using this report is a great way to listen to call recordings as a user or administrator of your phone system.
  • In the “Extra Options” box (top right hand corner of the page) select a “Report type” checkbox (i.e. “CSV file”), to display the report in various ways.

You should now be able to use the “Asternic CDR Reports” and “CDR Reports” for either a quick overview or a deep dive of your phone systems Call Detail Records.

What are Call Detail Reports?

Call Detail Reports, also referred to as CDR display information about a call.  Different levels of permissions on your DIY PBX allow users to pull their own CDR’s or an expanded list that includes additional or all extensions. CDR’s display information about the extension, the inbound call’s caller ID, the length and date of the call, and can also display call recordings for the extension