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Video 21: How to Set-up a Cisco VoIP Adapter

This video instructs you on administering, registering and giving an extension to your Cisco / Linksys ATA on your PBX.

1. Browse to your FreePBX admin screen > Select “Applications” drop down menu > Select Extensions module

  • Under “Device Options” section, in the “secret” text field, copy the secret key

2. Browse to your ATA’s admin screen > Login as an administrator > Select “advanced” (in the top right of your screen) > Select “Line 1” tab (top of screen)

  • Enter the Extension number
  • Enter your value for the SIP port in the “SIP Port” text field
  • Enter the IP Address of your PBX in the “Proxy” text field, located under the “Proxy and Registration” section
  • Select “yes” from the “Register” drop down
  • Enter “30” in the “Register Expires” text field
  • Enter “Display Name” under the “Subscriber Information” section
  • Enter the extension number in the “User ID” and “Auth ID” text fields
  • Select “no” from the “User Auth ID” drop down
  • Enter / Paste the “Password” in the text field (from the “extensions” module in your PBX)

3. Select “SIP” tab (top of screen)

  • Enter “stun.sip.us” in the “STUN Server” text field, located under the “NAT Support Parameters” section
  • Select “yes” in the “STUN Enable” drop down
  • Select “Line 1” tab
  • Select “yes” from the “NAT Mapping Enable” drop down under the “NAT Settings” section
  • Enter your value for the SIP port in the “SIP Port” text field
  • Select “Submit All Changes” and wait 1 minute

4. Select “Info” tab (top of screen)

  • Under “Line 1 Status” section the status will have changed
    (i.e. “Hook State” is “On” and “Registration State” is “Registered”)

5. To use our dial plan Select “Line 1” (top of screen) and Open up a new browsing tab. Browse to the “Dial Plan” section of the SIP.us SPA8000 Configuration Guide.

  • This dial plan enables 411, 933, 911, extension to extension, North American, and International calls.
    Enter the dial plan in the text field on the Line 1 tab of your ATA

You should now have an effective dial plan and your properly registered Cisco / Linksys ATA can now be used to make and receive a call using any analog telephone.