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Video 12: How to Set-up a Conference Bridge

This video instructs you on setting up a conference bridge. A conference bridge allows internal operators of your phone system and external callers calling into your phone system the ability to collaborate and interact with one another on a single phone call.

1. Browse to FreePBX admin > Select “Applications” drop down menu > Select “Conferences” module

  • Under the “Add Conference” section, select the “Conference Number” text field and enter a value for your conference bridge extension (i.e. 8500).
  • Select “Conference Name” text field to enter a name for the conference bridge (i.e. Main Conference”)
  • Enter pin values for users and administrators of this conference bridge in the “User PIN” and “Admin PIN” text fields

2. Continue to select your preferences under the “Conference Options” section of the “Conferences” module

  • Select “Join Message” drop down to select a recording that conference bridge participants will hear when they join this conference.
  • Select preferences “Leader Wait” ( the admin needs to log in before the conference starts)
  • “Talker Optimization” , “Talker Detection”, and “Quite Mode” allow you to set audio preferences for your conference bridge.
  • “User Count” (participants of the conference hear how many participants are on the call)
  • “User joinleave” (participants of the conference hear the status of other participants exiting or joining the call)
  • “Music on Hold / Class” (participants of the conference hear music on hold, what MoH are they hearing)
  • “Allow Menu” (typically for the admin to set preferences for participants)
  • “Record Conference” (conference call is recorded)
  • “Maximum Participants” (set the threshold for how many participants can join the conference bridge)
  • Click “Submit Changes”
  • Click “Apply Config”

Note: Your SIP.us demo includes 1 channel (1 channel is 1 inbound or 1 outbound call), so only one outside caller could dial this conference bridge using your demo trunk, all other participants would need to be registered extensions on your phone system. Therefore you will need as many channels as outside participants.

You should now understand how to configure a conference bridge. Configuring a conference bridge has a lot of uses, especially in distributed workforce environments where employees (no matter where they are) can join the conference bridge and it won’t use up any minutes, or channels, as long as the phone they are dialing from is a registered extension your PBX.

What is a Conference Bridge?

Participants (internal extensions, or external numbers to the phone system) can dial into a conference call (default limit is set to 10 participants in this template, but can be expended). Administrators of conference bridges can set preferences for how participants are introduced, and interact with one another, as well as set rules (such as a pin code) to gain access to the call.