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Video 16: How to Set-up Flash Operator Panel (FOP2)

This video instructs you on administering and using a Flash Operator Panel called FOP2 for your phone system.  FOP2 shows operators visibility into the status of other extensions on the phone system and gives them action buttons to make using and administering calls simple and efficient.

1. Enter to your IP Address (or DNS name) for your server in a separate browsing window or tab to access your “FOP2 Manager” administrator page.

2. Once you have the IP address add “/fop2/admin/” after it to gain access to the administrator page for your FOP2 Manager. (If you are already logged in with your password to your “FreePBX” admin portal, the “FOP2 Manager” should also have you logged in.)

  • Select “Users” under “Add User” enter a “Secret” (this is the password for the extension for your FOP2).
  • Click “Submit Changes”
  • Click the gear icon on the bottom left to “Reload FOP2”
  • Select “Accept” from the “Are you sure?” prompt

3. Enter your IP Address or DNS name into a separate browser and add “/fop2/” > Enter your Login details: “Extension” and “Password”, click “Accept”. This will display a GUI overview of your phone system.

4. Browse to your “FOP2 Manager” screen

  • Enter “all” under the second step “2” “Permissions”
  • Click the checkbox “All Buttons” under the third step “3” “Groups”
  • Click “Submit Changes”
  • Click the gear icon on the bottom left to “Reload FOP2”
  • Select “Accept” from the “Are you sure?” prompt

5. Browse to your “Flash Operator Panel” window to display the overview GUI > Reload the page > Log back in by entering your password

  • You will now have additional action buttons on the top part of your FOP2 Page (“Dial”, “Blind Transfer”, “Listen and Whisper”, etc).
  • Each unique operator of the phone system can have their own view of the additional action buttons that are set by the administrator.

You should now be able to setup each extension with a operator panel. The first 15 extensions are free with FOP2. Upgrades to allow more extensions are available, some must be purchased, others can be used for free. One very popular plugin with call centers is “Idle Timer” which enhances the capabilities of operators using this feature of your phone system.

What is Flash Operator Panel 2 (FOP2)?

A flash based display shown in the browser of the user of the phone system that displays information about users extensions, active lines, parking lots, call queues, and conferences.  This display allows you to click, drag and drop calls into other extensions, call groups, and parking lots, as well as display your own extensions availability status.