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Video 19: How to Set-up a Grandstream VoIP Phone

This video instructs you on administering, assigning an extension, and registering your Grandstream phone to your PBX.

1. Browse to your Grandstream Phone IP Address to access the Admin GUI > On your Grandstream select the up arrow once to view the IP Address

2. Browse to your FreePBX Admin > Select “Applications” drop down menu > Select “Extensions” module > Select one of the extensions you created (right side of screen)

  • Under “Device Options” section, in the “secret” text field, copy the secret key

3. Browse to your Grandstream Phone Admin > Select “Accounts” drop down menu > Select “Account 1” > Select “General Settings”

  • “Account Name” should be the extension you created “101”
  • “Server” going to be the IP (we will copy that in a moment)
  • The “SIP User ID” is the extension number
  •  The “Authentication ID” is the extension number
  • Paste the secret key from FreePBX into the “Authenticate Password” text box
    “Name” can be whatever you want… “TestPhone”

4. Browse to your FreePBX admin

  • Copy the IP Address from the browser (or the DNS name)

5. Browse back to your Grandstream admin GUI > Select “Account 1” > Select “General Settings”

  • Paste the IP address from the previous step into the “SIP Server” text field
    Click “Save” to apply configuration changes

6. Select “SIP Settings” > “Basic Settings”

  • Enter the “Local SIP Port” in the text field (each unique phone should have it’s own unique entry)

7. Browse back to FreePBX Admin > Select “Reports” drop down > Select “Asterisk Info” module > Select “Peers” (right side of screen)

  • The status will indicate “Yes” for a properly configured phone.

You should know be able to make and receive a phone call from the Grandstream phone you registered to your phone system.

How do you reset the password on a Grandstream phone?

  • Press the MENU button on your phone
  • Select “System”
  • Select “Operations – Factory Reset”
  • Press “Yes” soft key to reboot and restore to factory default