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Video 3: How to Set-up a Polycom VVX Phone

This video instructs you how to set up a set up an extension, and register a Polycom phone to your phone system.

1. Browse to FreePBX admin screen > select “Reports” drop down menu > Select “asterisk info” module

  • Confirm the SIP registrations you have just setup

2.  Select “Applications” drop down menu > Select “Extensions”

  • Click “Submit” the “Add an Extension” menu should display “Generic SIP Device” on the drop down
  • Fill out the “Extension” and “Display Name” text boxes
  • Under the “Device options” section confirm “dtmfmode” is set to RFC 2833 in the drop down
  • Confirm “nat” is set to Yes
  • Copy the “secret” key
  • Under the “Voicemail” section, set status to “Enabled” in the drop down
  • Enter a password for the voicemail.
  • Click “Submit”
  • Click “Apply Config”

3. Find your Polycom phone’s IP Address in the settings of your phone > open your Polycom Phone Administrator screen by browsing to that IP address

  • Select Line 3 on the Polycom Phone Admin Screen, which opens the Line 3 configuration page
  • Enter a “Display Name”
  • Enter “100” in the “Address” text field
  • Enter “100” in the Authentication ID (this is the extension number for your Polycom phone)
  • Enter the “Password” by pasting the “secret” key from the previous step
  • Enter a “Label” (this is what appears on your Polycom’s display screen)
  • Click “Server 1” section of the configuration page
  • Enter “Address”, by copy-pasting the IP address of your FreePBX instance (Note: Make sure that it says only the IP address, and nothing else)
  • Confirm “5060” is entered in the “Port” text box
  • Click “Save”
  • Click “Yes”
  • The line should now say it’s active on your Polycom phone

4. From the Polycom Phone Administrator screen click “Settings” drop down > select “SIP”

  • Open the “Local Settings” frame
  • Enter a unique “Local SIP Port” in the text field for each phone.
  • The default is set to 5060, but if you have more than one phone registered your firewall can have some registration issues. The way to avoid that is to make each one unique so there are no potential conflicts between each of the phones that you have on your network.

5. Browse to FreePBX admin > Select “Reports” drop down menu > Select “Asterisk Info” module

  • On this page you’ll see three SIP Peers.
  • 2 of the entries will be for the 2 gateways at SIP.us (gw1 and gw2) that you configured
  • The 3rd entry is your polycom phone

Your should now have your polycom phone setup and registered to your PBX with a working extension.

What should I do with a Local SIP Port?

You’ll need to come up with a naming convention for each of the registered endpoints on your DIY PBX instance.  The default value is 5060, but if you have more than one phone you’ll run into registration issues on your firewall.  You can avoid this by coming up with a unique Local SIP Port for each phone.  We recommend simply added the extension number to the end of the SIP Port value to help you keep it organized and conflict free.

How do you reset a Polycom default Password?

Default password is 456.  If it has been changed follow these steps:

  • Obtain the MAC address of the Polycom
  • Power off the phone
  • Power on the phone
  • While the phone is booting (8 seconds) press and hold 1, 3, 5, 7 for (IP32X, IP33X, and IP4XX)
  • Or… if you’re using IP 301, 501, 550, 6XX press and hold the 4, 6, 8, * during the booting period
  • You will then be prompted to enter and admin password.  Enter the MAC address.