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Video 18: How to Set-up a Yealink VoIP Phone

This video instructs you on administering, assigning an extension, and registering your Yealink phone to your PBX.

1. Browse to your Yealink Phone IP Address > On your Yealink select “Menu” and select “Network Settings” > View “IP Address”

  • Default user and password is “admin”
  • Enter the IP Address of your Yealink phone into your web browser and click the “Account” tab

2. Browse to your FreePBX admin screen > Select “Applications” drop down menu > Select Extensions module

  • Under “Device Options” section, in the “secret” text field, copy the secret key

3. Browse to your Yealink Phone Admin Screen > Go to “Account” tab

  • Enter a “Label”
  • Enter a “Display Name”
  • Enter the “Register Name” (which is the extension number)
  • Enter the “User Name” (same as the extension you’ve listed in “Register Name”)
  • Enter “secret” for the “Password” by pasting from the previous step
  • Enter the IP Address listed in your FreePBX Admin browser into “Server Host” under “SIP Server 1”
  • Enter “180” for the “Server Expires” field
  • Select “Confirm” to apply the settings
  • Select “Enabled” from the “Line Active” drop down
  • Select “Confirm” to enable the phone
  • Select “Advanced” (left menu sidebar) to set your “Local SIP Port” (enter a unique port number for each phone you register)
  • Select “Confirm” to apply the port number for that phone
  • Select “Register” (left menu sidebar) and your Yealink phone should now show a “Register Status” of “Registered”

4. Browse to your FreePBX admin page > Select “Reports” drop down menu > Select “Asterisk Info” module. This will allow you to verify the Yealink is registered to your PBX.

  • Select “Peers” (right hand side of the screen), you should now see the newly registered yealink phone.

Your Yealink phone should now have an extension and be properly registered to your PBX.

How do you reset the password on a Yealink phone?

  • From your phone press and hold the “OK” hard key for 10 seconds.  
  • From the ip address of the phone on your web browser type in the user / password as “admin” / “admin”.
  • Click the “Upgrade” tab at the top of the admin page (must be in “Basic” view).
  • Click “Reset” to “Reset to Factory” and wait until you can click “OK” to confirm.