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Huh? Whhaaaat? GN Netcom Launches Three New Wireless Headsets

GN Netcom, a leading wireless headset manufacturer has launched three new wireless headsets.

The GN9350 features Digital Signal Processing (DSP) and, for VoIP, wideband 6.8KHX audio bandwidth. The DSP filter on the GN9350 filters incoming background noise AND adjusts audio levels to avoid those annoying and potentially harmful “loud talkers.” The GN9350’s noise-cancelling microphone ensures crisp clear VoIP calls. The GN9350 has a range of 300 feet from the base station and also utlizes wireless standard DECT 6.0. If all of this was not music to your ears, the headset also comes with 64-bit encryption for hacker-secure conversations. The GN9350 has a list price of $349.99

The GN9330- USB was designed with the VoIP soft phone user in mind. Connecting to your computer from your USB port, the GN9330-USB offers soft phone users the flexibility and mobility that was previously unavialble with a standard headset. Like the GN9350, the GN9330-USB features DSP and wideband 6.8Khx audio bandwidth. Using the wireless standard DECT 6.0, the GN9330-USB offers a range of up to 200 feet, giving soft phone users plenty of room to roam. The GN9330-USB has a list price of $249.99.

All three of the new GN Netcom wireless headsets are available through GN Netcom distributors and resellers. Click Here for purchase information.

Garrett Smith

Garrett Smith is a Technology Marketing and Sales Professional

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