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I’ll Hate The iPhone A Little Less With VoIP

A few weeks ago I posted 11 reasons the iPhone is the worst cellphone I have ever owned.

I am not writing you today to retract those statements. I still think the iPhone is the worst cellphone I have used since the early 2000’s, but with news that Apple is okay with third party developers releasing VoIP applications that leverage the iPhone’s WiFi capabilities, I will hate it just a little less in the near future.

I expect that, with 27% of the North American smartphone market share, the iPhone will see plenty of VoIP applications coming very soon, which should prove to be a boon for Mobile VoIP service providers.

Here are a few company’s that i expect to see iPhone VoIP applications from:

Garrett Smith

Garrett Smith is a Technology Marketing and Sales Professional

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  1. pat phelan

    Forgot Talkplus, Challenger mobile and about 20 others Garrett, bit like facebook voice apps and we were are all bowled over by their success.
    Lots of koolaid no revenues

  2. Ted

    I’m hoping to see Cisco as well, but then I’m a Cisco bigot :)

  3. kracker

    The QOS will be terrible.

  4. Garrett Smith


    I knew someone would call me out on missing some folks! I agree that the promise is big…I hope that the companies can start showing some real revenues before the incumbents take notice and start offering the service themselves.

  5. Garrett Smith


    I am sure you will see something from Cisco…but it won’t be SIP and it won’t be free.

  6. Garrett Smith


    Maybe, but I have used a variety of Mobile VoIP services and have been surprised at the call quality.

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