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I’m One of the 50 Most Influential People in VoIP?

I have to admit that I was more then a bit shocked when I read VoIP News’ “50 Most Influencial People in VoIP” piece on their site (thanks Andy). Why was I shocked?

Because I made the list.

To be on the same list as Om Malik, Jeff Pulver, Rich Tehrani, Andy Abramson, Alec Saunders, Jon Arnold, Tom Keating, Greg Gatlizine, Russell Shaw, the Skype Journal Crew, not to mention names like Mark Spencer, Chris Lyman, and Jeff Citron is truly humbling. I do not consider myself to be in the same league as any of the people on that list. To think that, in such a sort time writing Smith On VoIP, my peers have found enough value in what I do to consider me worthy of such an accolade is un-real.

Maybe it is a case of my perception of what I do vs. the reality of what I have done that I am missing. A big thanks goes to those who did nominate me and to VoIP News for choosing me. This is the sort of thing that adds to the motivation to provide the best VoIP insights, commentary, reviews, news, and education possible to the Smith On VoIP readers.

Garrett Smith

Garrett Smith is a Technology Marketing and Sales Professional