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JAJAH Puts On Some Shiny Shoes

JAJAH to Support New Prada Mobile Phone

jajahJAJAH, who recently announced that they have reached 2 Million users, has announced that they will support the PRADA branded mobile phone. The PRADA mobile phone, which is a branded LG KE850, will support the ability to make calls via JAJAH using mobile.jajah.com.

To use JAJAH, you simply go to mobile.jajah.com via the phones browser. If you are already a Jajah user, you will see the JAJAH web application and the list of everyone in your JAJAH address book. To make your free or low cost call, you simply click on the name of the person you are calling, anywhere in the world, and JAJAH does the rest.

Garrett Smith

Garrett Smith is a Technology Marketing and Sales Professional