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joip to Feature Panasonic GLOBARANGE Dual Mode Phones

DeltaThree and Panasonic Have Partnered to Offer Dual Mode Handsets

Deltathree’s newly formed consumer brand, joip, will be the exclusive VoIP service provider for
Panasonic’s GLOBARANGE series of hybrid 2-line cordless phones. Deltathree’s joip service let’s users call other joip users for free, in addition to low cost calling to landline and cellular users. GLOBARANGE phones are hybrid 2-line 5.8GHz and DECT cordless phones, supporting both landline and joip-powered VoIP services. The phones allow calls to be made and received via both the VoIP line and a regular landline connection from any of its expandable cordless handsets.

According to Shimmy Zimels, deltathree’s President and CEO”In so many ways, joip revolutionizes the traditional methods of telecommunications. Through the joip-enabled GLOBARANGE phone, the benefits of VoIP are being made widely available with no need to give up the old landline or use a PC. It’s as easy as buying and using any new Panasonic cordless phone.”

To many, joip looks like a wannabe Skype play, but in taking the service away from the PC, they have taken away much of what makes Skype such an awesome communication tool. This service, in essence, is similar to what cellular providers currently offer – free on-net calling.

This should definitely have some staying power, though. It offers a device consumers are familiar with (cordless phone), a great incentive in free joip-to-joip calling, and of course rock bottom calls to landline and cellular phones. Definitely worth a look if you are in the market for a new provider.

Garrett Smith

Garrett Smith is a Technology Marketing and Sales Professional