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King of All VoIP Sites Gets a New Crown

TMCNet.com, the King of all VoIP sites, has been given a face lift. According to Rich Tehrani,

“So while our site is not only successful it continues to shine, we knew it also was a busy site. But the site has done so well for us and the industry we serve we were careful not to change it too much.

Eventually though we decided we should streamline TMCnet making it more customizable while allowing easier access to information depending on your specific needs.

It is for this reason I am happy to unveil phase one of our redesign. We expect further streamlining to take place soon as well as a slew of other enhancements which have been in the works for many months.”

I have to say, as a daily visitor I am extremely happy to see this re-design. Although, the site is jammed-packed with great information, previously it was almost too jam packed, leading to a less than desirable experience. This slick re-design, is subtle enough not to shock or scare daily visitors, making it easier to “take it all in.”

Kudos to the TMCNet Team!

Garrett Smith

Garrett Smith is a Technology Marketing and Sales Professional

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    If i may ask, what blog software are you running? how much does it cost? and where can i get a copy? if you dont mind me asking.

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