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Logitech EasyCall Desktop, QuickCam Communicate STX, QuickCam Chat, and QuickCam STX for Skype Released

Logitech announced today the release of a wirless keyboard with Skype integration, the EasyCall Desktop, and three new Skype video cams. The EasyCall Desktop includes one-touch buttons for launching Skype software, placing a call, ending a call, changing the user’s online status, and dialing a mobile or traditional phone. The F9 to F12 keys act as programmable speed-dial buttons.

The anouncement of the QuickCam Communicate STX, QuickCam Chat, and QuickCam STX by Logitech for use with Skype solidifies Skype’s movement into Video over the Internet. These are some very cool products from Logitech, that should further the Skype user experience.

Although Video is FREE right now, I wonder if Skype will try leverage Video as another revenue stream through bundled packages offerings of Voice and Video. What do you think? Will Skype attempt to monitize Video or will it continue to offer Video and Voice for FREE?

Garrett Smith

Garrett Smith is a Technology Marketing and Sales Professional