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Looking For a Few Great Sales Professionals

One of the greatest benefits of working at one of the fastest growing companies in America from basically the “beginning” getting to be involved with recruiting, interviewing and hiring top-notch talent.

Now, one of the drawbacks to working at one of the fastest growing companies in America, that also happens to be located in the Buffalo, NY area is that finding top notch talent can be challenging at times. That’s why I am reaching out to all of you to help me in my quest to find some top-notch sales professionals interested in some of the cherry positions that are currently opening up at VoIP Supply.

Here is why I think these are cherry opportunities:

  1. We are the market leader in the resale of VoIP hardware
  2. We have an awesome compensation plan, full benefits and a profit sharing plan
  3. We offer a six week training program for every new hire and DAILY sales and product trainings once this has been completed
  4. There is very little travel and most of the time customers are calling you to place an order
  5. We just invested heavily in new CRM and ERP platforms that will unlock the true potential of our huge customer base
  6. We were named one of the best place to work last year
  7. There is unlimited career advancement. Heck, I have had about 15 different jobs/roles in four years
  8. We have awesome people who make this a place you want to work
  9. We have a ton of fun (ping pong, wii, xbox, company trips, picnic’s etc)
  10. You get to work with me! (Ok, I had to throw that in there)

We prefer that everyone works out of our Buffalo, NY offices. I know, some people think it is cold and snows a lot. Today it was 57 degrees; that’s not too bad right?

If you are interested in the opportunity (or any of the other opportunities we currently have available), please visit our Jobs page or email your resume to our HR manager Peg Centola.

Garrett Smith

Garrett Smith is a Technology Marketing and Sales Professional