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Make Free VoIP Calls With VBuzzer

VBuzzer Offers Free VoIP, Fax, and Instant Messaging

vbuzzerOne of the newest softphone clients I have been playing around with is VBuzzer. VBuzzer, by Softroute Corporation, is a simple, easy to use softphone connects you to other users and to the telephone network anywhere in the world and users can also access this service with a regular or cell phone, Blackberry or Palm Treo.

VBuzzer Has Two Different Flavors

Vbuzzer Free

  • Up to 1 Minute free test call on Signup
  • Instant Messaging
  • Free PC to PC Calls
  • Free Voicemail
  • Connected with MSN Messenger

Vbuzzer Premium

  • 1.5 Cent/Min to US, Canada, China
  • 30% Lower PC to Phone Rates than Competition
  • Higher Call Quality + Security
  • Order Own Phone Number
  • IM + VoIP +¬†Fax in One Application¬†Program

Fax Over IM Makes This Service Unique

One of the biggest problems most VoIP users have encountered have to do with fax, and whether to keep a copper line or to trust Fax over the internet. With VBuzzer, you can now do Fax over IM. Faxing is made very easy, just click the menus on the Fax tab of the Messenger main panel, then follow the intuitive fax wizard to complete sending process; for receiving, you need to have a fax number assigned to your Vbuzzer Messenger, when you have an incoming fax you will be notified.Although their Fax over IM service is limited to US and Canada, in my use, it has been fantastic, and a true value add that other softphone clients just do not have. For more information about VBuzzer, check out www.vbuzzer.com

Garrett Smith

Garrett Smith is a Technology Marketing and Sales Professional

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  1. p2pvoice

    Reading your previous post with this opening line “It is days like today that make me question those in the media writing about IP communications. “, I find you doing the same with this post about Vbuzzer. In fact, the post appears more like a “paid advertisement” for Vbuzzer.

    VBuzzer has been around for a couple of years. In fact, they got great buzz when they used to offer an unlimited US calling plan for $8.99 and $0.01 per minute the US, Canada, and China. Your post offers no newsworthy information.

    The only item of interest might be Fax over IM but your headline misleads with “Make Free VoIP Calls With VBuzzer” . Up to 1 Minute free test call on Signup is not considered FREE.

  2. Garrett Smith

    Well, any FREE calling, is FREE calling. Be it one minute or a million.

    Second, the purpose of my site isn’t to talk about the newest thing in the industry all of the time – it is to talk about products and services, new and old, that might benefit someone.

    Lastly, I clearly state that Fax over IM makes this service unique, different, and something that makes VBuzzer worthy of a first or second look.

    Oh, and I wish I was paid for that post; I could use some extra “beer” funds.

  3. karim

    hi i need the software

  4. Nithesh

    Could you please advise how to set up the vbuzzer on Blackberry 8310. Wher could I download the necessary files for installation?

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