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Mediatrix Announces 3500 Series Gateways

Mediatrix 3500 Series Gateways For Small Medium Business

mediatrix 3500 seriesMediatrix Telecom will be releasing their latest line of voice gateways for the small medium business at VoiceCon 2007. The Mediatrix 3500 Series allows enterprises to lower communications costs over any IP link. They are multi-functional devices providing VoIP IAD & Gateway functionality and will evolve to offer IP Router, SIP aware NAT/Firewall and QoS control in a secure and powerful platform. This platform provides an ideal solution for enterprise voice applications or for connecting to a service provider’s broadband access. The Mediatrix 3500 Series will allow Carriers, Service Providers, and System Integrators to initially deploy secure systems and generate additional revenue streams.

Mediatrix 3500 Series Key Features

  • ISDN Support: The 3500 Series can be connected to either a legacy PBX or PSTN line and can integrate standard ISDN devices with SIP networks. The 3500 Series supports the most common NA standards e.g. NI-2,5ESS and DMS100.
  • SIP leadership: Mediatrix and its sister division M5T are pioneers in SIP protocol, offering multi -vendor interoperability e.g. Broadsoft, Shoretel, etc.
  • DSP based voice & fax processing: The Mediatrix 3500 Series is designed with dedicated hardware, offering real time processing using SIP technology converting analog voice and data signal to digital. This assures high quality processing and transmission of fax (FoIP) and voice communications.
  • Call Router: With the call properties manipulation the 3500 Series is able to provide routing rules and telephony features like call forwarding, time of day, transmission modes, calling information and more.
  • Friendly User Management: The Mediatrix 3500 Series is very easy to understand, configure, and deploy. The web interface is designed to provide a clean and user-friendly configuration window so that users won’t get lost in complicated menus and maintenance.
  • Secure Management: The 3500 Series supports the SNMPv3 protocol, which permits secure access to ALL of the configuration parameters of the unit. SNMP v3 provides a strong level of security, and avoids unexpected attacks. Remote provisioning with secure configuration file is also possible through https sessions.

  • Auto provisioning: The management of multiple devices deployed over a Network is made easier with the use of the auto-provisioning feature. Once deployed, the units can automatically poll remote servers to query for new software upgrades or new configuration files. Two levels of configuration are thus possible with generic configuration (applied to all of the units) but also specific configurations (based on the specific MAC address of the device). This enables service providers to remotely activate new services generating additional revenue.

Garrett Smith

Garrett Smith is a Technology Marketing and Sales Professional