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My Thoughts On Russell Shaw

I first heard on Saturday that Russell Shaw had passed away.

I always take death’s hard. I am not a big talker (like I usually am) when it comes to death.

That’s why it has taken a few days for me to process the loss of Russell.

Many do not know this, but when I first got involved in the VoIP blogsphere in late 2005, Russell was one of the blogger’s generous enough to give me advice on how to go about this body of work that is now Smith On VoIP. A complete stranger, helping out someone they had never heard of, for a singular reason:

They loved what they did and wanted to help another person accomplish the same.

Although I only had the pleasure to sit face-to-face a handful of times with Russell, we shared many an email dialogue over the last two years. He always impressed me with his knowledge of the industry, his ability to see through the fluff and get to the real details/purpose and good nature.

Russell thanks for all that you have done for everyone and for the time you donated to help me and my pursuits. I hope to one day repay those to some other “newcomer” in the future. You will be missed.

Garrett Smith

Garrett Smith is a Technology Marketing and Sales Professional