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Nextiva Review

Every now and again I’m afforded the opportunity to spend a lot of time using a service before writing a review.

nextivaFor the past five months I’ve been using the hosted VoIP phone service from Nextiva, one of the fastest growing hosted VoIP providers in the US. What follows is my review of Nextiva’s service based on this usage.


Nextiva’s service offered all of the features and reliability that a small business should expect from a VoIP provider. Save for the lack of G.722 wideband (HD) codec support there’s little negative to say about the service. That makes Nextiva an excellent solution for home offices and small offices up to about 20 seats.

Activation and Set-up

Activating a Nextiva account was a straight forward experience. Basic account information was asked along with your standard account details. Pretty standard stuff here.

This was coupled by a painless device set-up. Even though I chose to bring my own device. (Most Nextiva customers would receive a more plug-n-play experience out of the box in sourcing their device directly from Nextiva.)

Service Features

Nextiva offers two different service plans. One is Nextiva Connect and the other Nextiva Connect360.

Connect is Nextiva’s basic that starts at just $8.95/month and is designed for entrepreneurs and sole proprietors. It offers a toll free number, auto-attendant capabilities, voicemail to email and 3 way conferencing.

Connect360 is Nextiva’s service for small offices. The service starts at $19.95, but offers more expansive calling options than the Connect service.

Both services come back with a 30 day money back guarantee.

Each Nextiva customer is given a web-based management portal where they can control their account features and settings.The menu’s are easy friendly and setting up a basic auto-attendant was very simple.

Even though menu’s and set-up was easy and straight forward, one can really get pretty advanced with their auto-attendants, call tree’s, ring groups, etc. So if you have a small yet complex business, Nextiva should have more than enough functionality to meet your needs.

Service Quality and Reliability

When it comes to VoIP service quality there are a number of different factors. Fortunately I was able to use Nextiva’s service using a variety of VoIP phones and internet connections which gave me a broad experience with the service.

In logging well over a dozen hours of calls on the Nextiva service, there were no real issues to report. Call quality and service reliability are on par with what I’d expect from a business class VoIP provider.

All of Nextiva’s service plans support your standard voice codecs. But unfortunately no support for any of the current wideband (HD) codecs.

After expressing my disappointment, I was told that Nextiva was working on supporting wideband codecs in the near future. Given wideband telephony hasn’t reached the masses its use is still limited so it is not an essential, but it would have been nice to have.

Other than this little issue, Nextiva’s service was solid. Not complaints here.


At the end of the day there isn’t much that separates one hosted VoIP provider from the other. This makes comparing them and ranking them incredibly difficult.

However in using Nextiva’s service for an extended period it proved to perform as well as any other service I have tried AND better than some.

Personally I was impressed by the overall ease of set-up and activation. Anyone with some basic computer/IT knowledge would have no problem getting themselves set-up.

Service quality and reliability was solid. Given their future plans to offer wideband codec support, Nextiva’s service offerings will match just about anything out there today.

So if you are operating out of a home office or in need of a small office phone solution, take a look at Nextiva. It’s simple, easy, affordable…and works!

Disclosure: Nextiva is a Smith On VoIP sponsor, however you can read more Nextiva reviews here and here if you doubt the authenticity of this review.

Garrett Smith

Garrett Smith is a Technology Marketing and Sales Professional

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  2. Voip Man

    I’ve been using a Nextiva PBX for 6 months now and I’ve never been more impressed with a VoIP Provider. Hands down, they beat BroadVoice, voip.com, and Vonage. Although Vonage has their network together on a massive scale, the quality of service with Nextiva is fantastic. I actually feel bad requesting support because I know what it takes to provide quality VoIP (Being a former employee of a major voip firm) and Nextiva doesn’t cut corners.

    From my research and use, I found they use good quality multi-homed bandwidth with their network, asterisk systems that support a wide variety of codecs, and they actually have a real live English speaking person in their porting department (Who returns phone calls!)

    You couldn’t ask for more…

    Pit Falls: there sales department is a little high pressured and willing to sell you the moon.
    The way the account sign up process works (when I signed up) had a stupid insecure default password
    Their PBX features are lacking things like call screening which is extremely useful when forwarding extensions to peoples home or cell phones so they know to answer professionally.

    Things to good to be true;
    Unlimited really is unlimited.
    I’ve had extremely large conference calls going on my single unlimited line. (Broadvoice and others restrict this to two total users in conference)
    I haven’t seen a quota on my voicemail storage.
    I can connect more than one soft phone using one set of SIP credentials. (Soft phone at the home and office rings simultaneously -awesome)
    Price, price, price.

  3. Claudine

    I had high hopes for this VOIP after reading the great reviews. However, buyer beware! Once you sign the contract the service quality immediately depreciates.
    First of all, I could never get a hold of my original sales rep to place the order for my phones. Due to his lack of support, I barely was able to set up my phones in time before the numbers were ported and mind you this takes 2-4 weeks. Setting up the Polycom phones is very easy. You can even find instructions online and do this without a tech. Their level one techs are not bad. Very pleasant for the most part and I did deal with many if not all of them.
    Tier 2 techs (for when you have major issues), good luck. Just dont even bother waiting for them to contact you back. They pushed my issue regarding a panasonic phone as “unfixable” and a problem with MY internet. after 3 weeks of incredibly frustrating attempts to find someone at Nextiva willing to help, one special level one tech figured out the problem. THEIR coding was wrong. And it was such a small and minor fix to get this line working.
    After my second attempt and now pretty furious email, a supervisor finally contacted me to apologize for the issues. (this is before the situation was resolved). He assured me they would assist me and compensate me after the issue was resolved. Now? His email doesnt work, the sales reps email doesnt work, no replies from billing (just to get a copy of an invoice for phones ordered that they never forwarded to me), and no replies from the general sales@, billing@, and welcome@ email’s.
    Seriously I have never NEVER dealt with a company so unorganized, and with such a large lack of respect for even just decent customer service. If you are lucky and have no problems setting up, they are ok. Otherwise, although they do not outsource, boy, they are no help.
    By the way, note that when they port your fax number, you WILL have down time. You have to contact them when your fax number is ported so they can make changes. And yes, they fail to tell you this beforehand.

  4. Andrew

    Nextiva is not a reliable system for remote faxing. There have been numerous service interruptions and repeated double billing. Customer service reps speak english, but they have no power to do anything. If you want to talk to the billing department, you have to wait for them to call you back, as CS will not connect you directly.

    So why am I reviewing a bad online fax service?

    Yesterday, while working in the field I had to send a mission critical fax to a client to close a deal. Nextiva to the Rescue? I uploaded my fax at 12:59 yesterday afternoon. Unbeknowst to me, the Fax servers had been down for most of the day starting at about 8AM PST.

    My fax sat in the cue until finally sent at 9:58PM. Needless to say I missed the deadline and lost the business.

    When I called customer service they were more interested in upselling me then resolving my issue. They said the server failure was a known issue starting at around 8AM PST, but they purposefully did not notify their customers.

    Their failure to even bother to notify their customers of a service interruption is a testiment to their customer service philosophy. I would summarize that philosophy as deny, obscure, upsell and ignore.

    If you have mission critical faxes to be sent remotely, I strongly recommend finding a different way to do it. Nextiva will fail, and then fail to notify. It has happened to me two or three time now. Were it not for all of the stationary and business cards with the nextiva number, we would have dumped them long ago.

    As I have the day off, I am writing reviews until the Nextiva billing supervisor calls back. This is review number 9 so far this morning.

    Good Luck finding a reliable online Fax service.

  5. Kevin Sweeney

    I have been a nextivia customer for three months and I could not be more disapointed. If there are no problems great but if you have a oroble they leave you hanging. I am in a small village with only two telephone exchanges. and I can receive calls from anywhere except my villiage. for two months they have been jerking me around.

  6. Chad

    Nextiva deserves a genuine thank you for the service we receive. While we pay them every month and they’re just doing their job, I’ve never dealt with a phone company that cares as much as the people I work with their. Our previous phone companies simply don’t care and seemed to forget who was the customer. The setup with Nextiva was easy and it was focused to our needs. My experience with them has been excellent.

  7. George

    Having used Nextiva everyday in my office for over a year, I am very happy with them. I think that their telephone customer service and online chat is consistently helpful. The features of the phone system are superior to that of Comcast – my previous phone provider and my current internet provider. I’m happy and intend on using Nextiva for many years to come. I agree with your review above Garrett, overall it’s a great service.

  8. TD

    I gotta agree with you. Nextiva is the best. While this was written in 2009, I’ve been using them since 2012 and I’m very happy. The iPhone app is killer!

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