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Nokia and SIPphone Partner to Provide VoIP Services

garrett smithNokia “offically” announced today (I believe Andy broke the news earlier this month.) that the Nokia N80 Internet Edition will have easy access to low-cost calls over the Internet with SIPphone’s Gizmo Voice over IP (VoIP) services. The Nokia N80 Internet Edition is optimized for SIP-based Internet calls, and now Nokia and SIPphone have worked together to create an easy way to configure and make calls using Gizmo VoIP directly from your multimedia computer. This announcement signals another move towards the dual mode technology going “main-stream”.

Given some of the UI problems with Gizmo Project, as highlighted by Martin Geddes, I am curious to see what other’s are going to say about ease of us of this combination. Andy Abramson, who has been using the N80 with Gizmo, remarked that, “My experience with it has been nothing less than spectacular. Fully integrated VoIP on a very high quality mobile phone is a dream come true.”

Has anyone else used the Nokia N80 with Gizmo?

Garrett Smith

Garrett Smith is a Technology Marketing and Sales Professional